Do you want to print at 36m2 hour?

Do you want water-based 3 Litre inks giving very low production costs to increase your profit?

Do you want a sustainable edge on your competitors?

Need to print the whitest white?

HP Latex 800 Series

Why choose the HP Latex 800 Series

  • Smart printing with cost efficient  3-litre eco cartridges ensures saturated durable colour at speed.
  • Introducing the latest innovation with the whitest white
  • Reach the next level of media versatility with innovative water-based HP Latex Ink for a safer work environment.
  • It will deliver vivid colour and sharp 4-pt text, that gives saturated colour up to 334 ft2/hr outdoor.
  • Sharpen your sustainability edge with HP Latex – no HAPs, odourless prints, locally recyclable Eco-Carton outer cardboard,
  • Ideal for PSPs using solvent UV and Latex who want to extend their applications in order to win high-value signage jobs.
  • Smart, efficient large format printing.
  • Eco-conscious media screen reader support enabled. 
  • Finance options available.

The next level of media versatility

HP Latex 800 Series – Printer Features

Specification info:

Max width: 1.63 m (64 in)

Ink supply: 3-litre Eco-Carton

Max roll: 55 kg (121 lb) spindles load system

Indoor quality: 36 m2 /hr (388 ft2 /hr)

Outdoor quality: 25 m2 /hr (269 ft2 /hr)

Win high-value print jobs

  • Deliver vibrant colours at high speed and use pure blacks to obtain striking contrast
  • HP Latex printheads have 10-picoliter ink drops, providing accurate, sharp 4-point text
  • Applications include: paper, canvas, wallpaper, and vinyl banners/textiles/poster

Robust, clever and effective printing

  • High saturated colour productivity at speeds up to 388 ft2/hr outdoor, fast spindle-less loading
  • Virtually monitor printing operation,  with HP PrintOS tools
  • Smart front panel to easily process replication and multi-copy jobs, allowing you to  store up to 500 jobs
  • Help minimise operating costs with cost-effective, altered 3-litre HP ink cartridges while the printer is running

Sharpen your sustainability edge with HP Latex

  • Innovative water-based HP Latex Inks-no HAPs odourless printing, no risk warning labels needed,
  • Recycle the carton cardboard ink cartridge locally; free return of printheads
  • Choose from a wide range of compatible eco-conscious media
  • HP Latex prints are recyclable, returnable, or non-hazardous and safe for disposal

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